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sckewi 4 months ago

Well, I spent this weekend working on a WebGL implementation. I'm ALMOST there but I'm having trouble figuring out how to switch textures during a frame. But anyway, here's some spinning squares LOL. (And if you're wondering, WebGL is a browser based OpenGL thingy, which is what games and graphics heavy applications often use to draw stuff.)

sckewi 4 months ago

Well, mission accomplished, I got the texture switching done and I think it's tidy/organised enough to start actually doing something with it now. I'll add more features to it as I need them.

I really enjoy Neocities. I love how it got me thinking more about what I could do with just plain HTML/CSS/JS and without a server side language. Since I got here I like to think I've learned a lot about what HTML/CSS/JS are capable of, and SEO. I've also discovered some excellent, unique sites by others in the community. And it's all free. So thanks Kyle Drake and thanks Neocities. Neocities for life!
sckewi 5 months ago

How many days until Christmas? Someone's birthday, etc? Ok this isn't the most revolutionary app in the world. But I threw it together today so I could track how many days until this date... the date Pokemon Sword and Shield come out! xD

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sckewi 5 months ago

You can track how many days until a date of your choice @

elementz 5 months ago

Just a suggestion: if the difference between this day and the given day is 30 or more, you should display months as well. Same with year, but check if it is 1 year appart

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sckewi 5 months ago

Sounds good, thanks for the suggestion, @elementz! I will include that in the first update! 🙂

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