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I first published Copy & Paste Emojis a couple of years ago, today I published an update which fixed a coupe of small bugs, tidied the code and got rid of the need for an extra 1700-odd pages xD. Now that's off my mind it's back to Static Ultra!

Sckewi's Site was updated.
1 month ago
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sckewi 1 month ago

Alrighty then, that confirms that whatever web browser Neocities's thumbnail generator is using doesn't seem to support creating a link rel=preload with JS. That explains why my recent thumbnails are all blank lol. xD Lucky it's easy to fix! :D

📣 Announcing the first Static Ultra powered website... mine! xD It needed testing, and I figured the best way to do that would be to use it! It's still not quite ready for download, and yes it's taken far longer than I thought, but I'm getting there!
1/2 Little update with Static Ultra. For a few weeks, I'd been in a bit of a rut motivation-wise. Not just with Static Ultra, but in general. I won't bang on about that because I've gave myself a boot and I'm getting back on track again...
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sckewi 2 months ago

2/2 Anyway, today I solved the last tricky bit with Static Ultra's code, and code-wise there's just a few small/easy things left. After that I'll be in the documentation/publishing phase (which includes implementing it into my own website), and, I aim to have it all done within the next few weeks (hopefully xD)!

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