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sckewi 1 month ago

Few coins to collect. :) It IS possible to collect all of them! And I should probably mention the first level in the actual game won't be this difficult. xD Next weekend (hopefully) I'm going to concentrate on making the game work on diff resolutions, so I can play it on my phone and TV lol. Then back to building the actual game.

sckewi 1 month ago

The coins are interesting in that they show you a flight path through the level, but actually collecting them makes the level more difficult. xD

macrosofa 1 month ago

No offense or anything, but is it really possible, though? I can't clear the second obstacle. I put my square on the razor edge of the first one in preparation to descend, and I begin my descent as soon as I possibly can without hitting the first obstacle, yet I still slam into the bottom of the second obstacle. At least on my machine, through careful observation, it is mathematically impossible to clear the obstacle

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sckewi 1 month ago

Hmmm I've tried it on a few PCs with different specs and so far I've had no issues, although it I may have overlooked something. But in the case it's running as it should, although difficult, the trick is to fly slightly past an obstacle, and then fly *left* as well as up/down in order to buy more time for clearing the next. I'll definitely be testing a lot between now

sckewi 1 month ago

and the first version, so if there is a bug, I'll be sure to sort it for then! In the mean time if you manage to get past that bit it'd be a great help if ya let me know! Hope that helps and thanks for checking it out! :D

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