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👨‍🏫 Frameset/Iframe tutorial! ✅ Get shareable, bookmarkable URLs for pages which always include your full layout! ✅ Automatically + instantly redirect visitors to improved URL if they accidentally stumble on a content page directly! 😴 Can't be bothered to read? ✅ Skip to the end and download the full library and demos!
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sckewi 1 month ago

Also I've updated my site's layout today so that less space is wasted and the scrollbars are more responsive. xD

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bmh 1 month ago

That's a great tutorial along with explanation for iframes. I have been trying to avoid this issue on my site but implemented some workarounds such as dedicated index pages in 'about' and 'contact' directories which also load the frames, and notices that show for people who land in a world with no frames/menus to navigate. I really need to implement those JavaScript soultions!

sckewi 1 month ago

Thanks a lot, I'm glad to hear someone found the post useful! :D

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