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I'm considering making an "old fashioned" forum for my site, using my user account system. The idea would just be a chilled out place to discuss games, web development, TV shows, or anything else really. I'll probably make it anyway just for the fun of coding it xD, but just wondering if anyone would join?
dann 1 year ago

I'd be interested, but with things like that, it just get hard to check back on a regular basis, so ultimately I tend to get sidetracked.

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macrosofa 1 year ago

That would be really cool! I'm not sure how that would work without any PHP support or whatever, though.

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sckewi 1 year ago

Thanks for the replies! @macrosofa - I am currently using PHP/MySQL hosted by for my user account/comment system! In theory it should be possible to expand this into a forum in a similar manner. :)

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