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My next project is a small one but a little tricky. It involves a lot of updating JSON and HTML elements at the same time. This particular project is actually really targeted at other Neocities members, as it generates content you can put on your own site to boost engagement. Hoefully once it's done y'all will find it useful. :)
elementz 1 year ago

Is it possible to update JSON using vanilla JavaScript? I thought you need NodeJS to do that

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sckewi 1 year ago

Also, hopefully* in my OP, but now Neocities goes all crazy when I hit the edit button lol. xD

elementz 1 year ago

Wait are you making a JSON File or are you just directly integrating it into JS?

elementz 1 year ago

Because if you're making a file im pretty sure you need Node

sckewi 1 year ago

No file, I just have a JSON object which I store data in. Then when the user generates their content, I JSON.stringify() the object and include that with the generated code, which they can copy and paste onto their site. :)

elementz 1 year ago

Oh okay if you're not using a file then yeah you can just use vanilla

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