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21 days until Pokemon SwSh, 21 days to gooooooo, Count one down... 😭 3 weeks left. HURRY UP AAAAAAAAARGH!
Since my last layout change, my coding style has changed a bit, and I'd also like to put more stuff in the main navigation. So new layout soon.
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28 days until Pokemon SwSh, 28 days to goooooo... Count one down... 😭 4 weeks to go... still seems like ages away. *Is fully aware this has nothing to do with making websites* xD
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*Random thought/decision* I think my days of using CSS positioning tricks to hack elements into looking right between mobile and desktop view are over. From now on I'm going to use JS to listen for responsive breakpoints and simply move the elements in the HTML structure where I want them, thereby enabling me to have much simpler CSS.
Managed to get that Command & Conquer 3 video done today. Didn't quite get around to updating my Neosite with an embed/link, so that's what I'll be doing in the morning. xD

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