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I know you're gonna make a blog post on this but is your user thing entirely in static javascript? If not what external things are you using?
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sckewi 1 week ago

I'm using 000webhost to host my own PHP script, which JavaScript on my Neocities site sends requests to and parses the response. My site/upcoming projects will continue to be a static site first and foremost, but in some projects the account system will provide some extra features to logged in users as an additional, but optional layer.

sckewi 2 weeks ago

Getting there with my new user account system. Blog entry coming soon explaining what/how/why xD.

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This looks good!!!
sckewi 2 weeks ago

Thanks very much :)!

sckewi 1 month ago

Just a small update. Disqus now does not load by default. It now only loads if you click the "Load Comments" button. This should speed up general browsing of the site.

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