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Well it's new year here in the UK, so Happy New Year y'all! I learnt something this year, if you enjoy making your website, make your website. End.
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So it's 11:17pm New Year's Eve, and I'm spending it coding in PHP lol. xD What happened to me man, I used to be cool. Wait a minute, no I didn't.
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sckewi 3 weeks ago

Today I improved error handling so if there's a server error you can view it even if you're not on a page with SSN specific content. And also I've changed the way user cookies work so that one is only set if you register or log in. I've also optimised the method used to detect and show an error if the required cookie is being blocked by the user's browser settings.

sckewi 3 weeks ago

Bit more done! ✔ Put actual form elements on the register and login pages for increased compatibility with LastPass and other password managers ✔ Added a "Sleep Mode" to prevent requests for a few minutes after an update. Stops Neocities' thumbnail generator sending 70-odd requests to the server at once xD ✔ Tidied up some CSS xD. That's it for today, tomorrow = Notifications and maybe Sckewi Points. What?

sckewi 3 weeks ago

User account system is live and fully working. :) If you visited it during the testing phase, you may need to refresh once to be given a new cookie.

sckewi 3 weeks ago

Oh yeah, there will be no more database resets now, so your account won't get deleted if you register. xD

I am currently inthe process of adding SSN (my new self-made user accounts system) to my actual website. The database will be cleared one last time for the latest update today, so please bear that in mind if you register at the /tests/ssn/ URL. Many thanks y'all, - Sckewi
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sckewi 3 weeks ago

I'll post another status here once it's live. After that point the database won't be cleared again.

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Alright almost done making my user account system! ✔ Got "no page" working so user bar can appear on pages where there's no SSN specific content ✔ Added welcome and rules to user registration ✔ Added pagination to comment threads. | Just a few jobs left and I can implement this into my site. Yay! :D
sckewi 4 weeks ago

Oh also also today ✔ Fixed bug with no showing comment thread ✔ Added account and change password pages

dann 4 weeks ago

Getting a non-character error on the username field

sckewi 3 weeks ago

Hey dann, username must be lower case letters and numbers. It does mention that on the registration form, but you are the second person to not notice it, so I'll try to make that more noticable on the form in the next update. Thanks for having a go at registering. :)

dann 3 weeks ago

I only had letters, but it still gave me the error

sckewi 3 weeks ago

Hey dann, just to let you know I've managed to recreate the issue my end! Appologies for assuming you hadn't read the description! I'm working on a fix now. :)

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