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πŸ”™ Actually, scratch my previous post! I'll be updating Copy & Paste Emojis soonish based on some feedbackπŸ‘‚ I received πŸ”§.
Well, I think I'll leave the emoji project there for now, and go back and finish my backlog of three other projects, the last two of which were both projects I started after abandoning the previous one half way through πŸ˜†.
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sckewi 2 days ago

(Copy and Paste Emojis IS at version 1, though)

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3 days ago
sckewi 3 days ago

Copy and Paste Emojis for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, instant messengers, etc! Fully working, but there are a few issues on mobile I need to sort out :). Oh and, they work here on Neocities too! πŸ˜ΊπŸ–πŸŒΌπŸŠβ˜•

Publishing a project later today which contains 1670 files lol. I hope Neocities uploader can handle it xD!

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