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when I click on your windows 93 link. it redirects from the normal site to '' and it bascialy spams the hell out of me and downloads a ton a cat pictures. does this happen to you? are we able to still get to the site?
rxqueen 7 months ago

that's weird. just checked it and it worked for me.

rxqueen 7 months ago

using google chrome btw.

hearted 7 months ago

tested it and i wasnt directed to the annoying site, weird

lurvervi 7 months ago

Im using google chrome as well. maybe its just a thing going on with my computer :/

love your site! the art is cool! <3
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hearted 7 months ago

OMG tysm <3

oh this? this is beautiful
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rxqueen 7 months ago

thank you! :)

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