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got a mimitchi yayaaaaa:D
it makes me feel sad when i look at tamagotchi growth charts and see the "bad" outcomes bc like... theyre propa cute like it makes me feel really sad when to get them u have to treat ur tama badly
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registeel 4 days ago

throwback to when i was 9 running my music star properly for the first time and loved my sebiretchi soooooo much and then i found out i only had one bc i was a shit parent and promptly cried for like 2 days x thanks bandai x

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omgggg ur site looks so awesome TT
lullabye 2 weeks ago

thank youuuu (´༎ຶ▽༎ຶ`)♥♡

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i love this comic its so cool :D
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mana-days 2 weeks ago

wow thanks so much!! <3 :]

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regi v2 is up lads. working on a carebear page rn
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