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Hey there, your site is really awesome! Also, I know this is random, but your Vocaloid page helped me remember something. The first Vocaloid song I ever heard was The Full Course for Candy Addicts by Machigerita, and for the longest time I couldn't remember how I found that at age 12. It was the freaking Homestuck sprite edits. I can't believe we both discovered Vocaloid in the exact same way, that's so wack.
Thanks all for 100k views! :D I recently switched to a custom domain so that's epic too.
reagnyan 4 weeks ago

Site update soon? I recently setup the Neocities CLI tools as well as made a script for generating static sites with consistent layouts (without JS or iframes), so mayhaps I'll make use of that.

For some reason my webdav client wanted to fight with me, but finally updated the site again! Hoping to become active again and rework/redesign some aspects.
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reagnyan 3 months ago

I def want to work on making layouts more aesthetically pleasing, but ngl design (especially colour) is weirdly difficult for me.

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