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Cool site dude. We are enjoying reading about your set up for MiniDV! We used to shoot so much stuff on that format :)
ratworld 3 weeks ago

Thank you! Sometimes it can be inconvienent in the age of sd cards, but my handycam will always be my favorite camera.

catcatproductions 3 weeks ago

That's super cool! Is it mostly home movies, or are there other things you film with it?

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ratworld 3 weeks ago

A bit of both. Being a child of the 2000s, My family had a MiniDV camcorder for holidays, bithdays, etc. While my parents had the nicer, newer, camera, I had an older 8mm camcorder that I made all sorts of movies on. Recently, I'd come across a Handycam online. I bought it, and fell in love with making home movies all over again. I've got a whole drawer full of tapes of 2019-now. Those old cameras are full of charm!

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refreshing my button collection. if you've got a button and you'd like to display it on my front page let me know!
gundham 3 weeks ago

I have a new button, so you asked at a perfect time.

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infern0 3 weeks ago

i have a button on my homepage if you want to display it.

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ratworld 3 weeks ago

added both of you

mfs be like fuck javascript and their site looking like it was made in ms word 1970
you're all super smart intelligent and wonderful and talented and beautfiul i love you have a good night or day

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