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Cool site dude. We are enjoying reading about your set up for MiniDV! We used to shoot so much stuff on that format :)
ratworld 2 weeks ago

Thank you! Sometimes it can be inconvienent in the age of sd cards, but my handycam will always be my favorite camera.

catcatproductions 2 weeks ago

That's super cool! Is it mostly home movies, or are there other things you film with it?

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ratworld 2 weeks ago

A bit of both. Being a child of the 2000s, My family had a MiniDV camcorder for holidays, bithdays, etc. While my parents had the nicer, newer, camera, I had an older 8mm camcorder that I made all sorts of movies on. Recently, I'd come across a Handycam online. I bought it, and fell in love with making home movies all over again. I've got a whole drawer full of tapes of 2019-now. Those old cameras are full of charm!

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