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1 year ago
soupault 1 year ago

After SaaS and Venezuela executive order, free software is finally easy to explain: it's software you'll be never get locked out of. Freedom is no longer an abstract thing even to non-programmers.

rainheaven 1 year ago

That very much makes sense. I'm not a programmer either and I can understand the importance.

Hai - I personally don't really follow the Touhou music scene to let you know. I'm not really fond of it much at all. If you saw my album loot pictures with Touhou albums then that most likely means I am buying much older albums via artists I know.
soupault 1 year ago

Yeah, I saw an album with Marisa on its cover in your site update and assumed it was something recent. Most of the Touhou doujin music is in genres I'm not fond of, but I'm quite a fan of Swing Holic.

RainHeaven was updated.
1 year ago
soupault 1 year ago

Nice to know the Touhou music scene is still alive. I've been quite out of touch with it for a while.

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