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1 year ago
vas 1 year ago

You're probably safer where you are than US mainland.

rainheaven 1 year ago

Unfortunately it is the exact opposite case. The USS Theodore Roosevelt is a big ship but it has ~5300 people on board. Several thousands of people walk busy passageways all the time, everyone eats at the same galley, everyone goes to the same medical area...etc. There are now over 21 positive cases of the coronavirus on the ship. One of them is from my squadron and they have visited my work center for

rainheaven 1 year ago

30 minutes to an hour for the past few days. He showed absolutely no symptoms at all. I can not guarantee my own safety as I might even have it right now and not even know.

vas 1 year ago

Yeah but at least you have toilet paper.

rainheaven 1 year ago

Lol yeah we're quite stocked on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap, latex gloves

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