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does anyone know what the default font is on websites. like the desktop one. i want to know what it's called (i use firefox if this is a browser specific thing)
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r0b1n666 1 week ago

oh also im like completely reworking my website to be mobile friendly but whatever

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troy-sucks 1 week ago

this isnt helpful at all but neocities uses verdana... in site etidors it defaults to a serif font (not sure what its called tho... maybe times new roman? when is times old roman... (sorry i am rambling here but this is not very helpful lol))

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r0b1n666 1 week ago

@troy-sucks I think you might be right about times new roman. also yeag times old roman when....

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enthralled by the districts one rat developement
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this site makes me want to redesign my own again /pos

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