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2 days ago
qalaxydoq 2 days ago

HAHA JK HERE IT IS!! It may not be much but its quirky & cute & epic enough for me :)

Hello to my 5 followers! I had planned a big update to my site with the edition of a halloween page that would give you an award for your site, but sadly my monitor broke yesterday. I am using a graphics display tablet (thanks mum for the christmas gift, who knew itd come in handy even in this scenario!?) but I am pretty much hardly on my PC. (writing more in comments)
qalaxydoq 2 days ago

My new monitor will most likely arrive either on or the day after halloween. SO, I will make the great wise decision to finish up whatever, make sure things are workin' correctly and then upload just the halloween stuff. Since I have been working on lots of content, apologies if you get glimpses of links to places that do not exist (*yet*)

qalaxydoq 2 days ago

But I wanna make this halloween shrine and get it before halloween ofc!! So expect some delays or some dangerous construction areas you could fall into!!! (please dont fall lol)

Love your website a whole bunch! 💙 Thanks for spreading the knowledge in a really accessable site. ¡Maravilloso!

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