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If you ever want help, just ask!
Mabye we could help with making the front end and back end of your website?
Would you like to chat now? I have some time now, through email or on here?
qpschool 7 months ago

I am not interested in giving away any kind of username, email adress and/or password. I have a Paypal account myself. Besides that I prefer open source.

progware 6 months ago

software cloud/ progware IS open scourced, i just have to fix some things, but i would love to have you as a member just the same

We have updated progware! We are currently in the proccess of swiching the name to software cloud.
Sorry we have not been posting, this past week has been very sad, one of our members, nelson, was killed in a car crash. I am really a mess and now we need members even more ergently than before.

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