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LOL Truly fantastic site. The about.html page reminded me of Fight Club. And of course I love monkeys so that's great. And error.html was hilarious. Very inspirational
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silverback 2 months ago

Thanks bud! Means alot. I'm in the midst of reading rant by chuck palahniuk right now so he definitely influenced that a bit. I'll be keeping up with your stories!

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primate 2 months ago

This is a base layout for my close friend and ex girlfriend Ray . She doesn't know HTML so I'm helping her out. It's really ugly right now but her and I are going to shop it up tonight on call.

julians-art 3 months ago

The way you describe your process of making tea for school is amazing. Personally, I just get some cold brew ready the night before so in the morning I'll have some cold, smooth tea.

primate 3 months ago

LOL That's probably a better idea than what I do.

julians-art 3 months ago

Eh I mean it's easier for sure (and the tea tastes super smooth) but you have a whole ass ritual coupled with the looming danger of setting fire to everything and being shouted at by ur mom.

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I am ENAMORED with (you)r site
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julians-art 3 months ago

Dude tysm you have no idea what this means. I literally used your site for most of the inspiration in terms of how I wanna structure my site. (also sorry for the late reply, I had to wait a week until I can reply to or comment on anything)

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