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Love the Nine Inch Nail reference
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i've added your site button to my page <333
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dann 8 hours ago

Thanks, I'll try to add all link backs soon

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hii i finished tha button >;o]] it took a while to get all the gifs layered and shit lol and i couldnt add a border w out it messing up but here it is :))
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eam-archives 14 hours ago

when u resize it, resize it to 88x31px, that's the aspect ratio i used :)

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prettyhatemachine 11 hours ago

AHHH i adore it!!!!! thank you so much <333333 so amazing :)))))

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the-13th-struggle 5 hours ago

Oh my god I'm about to lose my mine is it really as simple as just setting the original image to 88x31 for display

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yo, tried to come up with a button inspired by the images and design of your site. it sucks lol, i can't seem to figure out how people are making such high quality crystal clear buttons but i tried. use it if you want!
prettyhatemachine 20 hours ago

it looks lovely!!! i really love it! thank u so much :โ€™) and donโ€™t worry about the clearness of it! i could probably make it look a bit clearer! thank u <333

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the-13th-struggle 54 minutes ago

here, i uploaded the full-sized image and it looks so much better if you just resize it in HTML instead of an image resizer. what was I thinking? lol

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