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1 year ago
uh was planning on adding this as a front-page link but i don't feel like doing it right now so i'm just gonna leave it here. if you honestly care, here's my full collection of musical items on discogs (a majority of the vinyl was gained from a not so pleasant family reunion and is basically worth nothing) ––>
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1 year ago
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potassiummcr2 1 year ago

i gonna do some slight work on the p5 site and add some links. coming back because i literally have absolutely nothing else to do and i'm bored.

um yeah i haven't updated in 2 months and haven't posted in 1 month. i literally came back as like a community checkup thing. half the people are gone, the other half look radically different and either uninspired or one of those few resilient people i somewhat admire. i may come back and update but don't expect it.
potassiummcr2 1 year ago

my computer decided that it wanted to kill it's power board and i had to get it fixed and it ended up taking a month to fix, and i had some stuff planned but ended up forgetting what i was even going to post. plus the fact that tons of honestly really sucky life stuff has been going on and i just have had little to no motivation to work on this.

potassiummcr2 1 year ago

i'll keep everything up and i'm not leaving for good and never coming back, but i currently both don't want to and have no motivation to work on this or any other site of mine. if i do i'll work on it and post it, if i don't you probably won't see me here. sorry not sorry. i'm officially moving on to a hopefully better phase of my life that this site just doesn't help.

potassiummcr2 1 year ago

i started this site during a really awkward time in my life where i was really isolated from people. that changed last may. since then i've been immersed in a more social environment that wasn't necessarily good for my mental health and that environment ended up turning toxic. the amount of toxicity in my life plus the fact that i no longer have any motivation to honestly really do anything at this point...

potassiummcr2 1 year ago

...i really just don't want to work on this site anymore or at least anytime soon. sorry i guess... i've pretty much turned to the dark side cause most of the people that actually care about me personally all have instagram accounts so i made one and currently chat with them on it and really don't hang out anywhere else online in terms of social/project stuff.

potassiummcr2 1 year ago

in the future if i have more motivation i will probably do something like that, maybe even come back onto neocities temporarily, but until then don't expect anything coming out of this site or really anything from me unless notified.

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