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Hey, so I have 66 followers. I don't know if that's special or not, but... I have 66 followers... YEAH. I've started another major update scaling back things a bit but it might take awhile because school exists and I don't know what to do with this site (I'M NOT LEAVING) so it might be a bit for I update it publicly, but I'll get to it. Stan LOONA and stream "Let Me In" by HaSeul. Have a good day.
Oh, also, um besides the major stanning pages that will be made, I'll also be adding some variance to my pages, like I mean it will still be the same theme, but like the blog will look a bit different from the music section, etc. (Also when I have some extra time I want to randomly spend doing nothing, I'll join the Districts server.)
ATTENTION NEOCITIES: I've fallen in love with the amazing K-pop girl group, LOONA, and there might be a few pages dedicated to them coming your way soon (especially ones relating to HaSeul & JinSoul and why they are amazing. P5 site & other pages put on temporary hold. I mean the site's basically on temporary hold because of school, but like I'm updating on the weekends so yeah.)
roachparade 11 months ago

excellent taste, excellent taste! haseuls one of my favourites :')

I was browsing through my ridiculously large iTunes library and I just discovered like 4-5 LOOΠΔ playlists... so. There's that.
sicklycarpet 11 months ago

I hope you don't mind me being a n00b, but what is LOOΠΔ?

spacemako 11 months ago

@sicklycarpet, Loona is a South Korean pop girl group :)

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sicklycarpet 11 months ago

Thanks spacemako!

Was going to update today until my computer decided that it didn’t want to work today. (typing this on my phone)
sicklycarpet 11 months ago

Good lord... i deeply sympathise for you in your terrifying situation...


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