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Hey, so I have 66 followers. I don't know if that's special or not, but... I have 66 followers... YEAH. I've started another major update scaling back things a bit but it might take awhile because school exists and I don't know what to do with this site (I'M NOT LEAVING) so it might be a bit for I update it publicly, but I'll get to it. Stan LOONA and stream "Let Me In" by HaSeul. Have a good day.
Oh, also, um besides the major stanning pages that will be made, I'll also be adding some variance to my pages, like I mean it will still be the same theme, but like the blog will look a bit different from the music section, etc. (Also when I have some extra time I want to randomly spend doing nothing, I'll join the Districts server.)
ATTENTION NEOCITIES: I've fallen in love with the amazing K-pop girl group, LOONA, and there might be a few pages dedicated to them coming your way soon (especially ones relating to HaSeul & JinSoul and why they are amazing. P5 site & other pages put on temporary hold. I mean the site's basically on temporary hold because of school, but like I'm updating on the weekends so yeah.)
roachparade 9 months ago

excellent taste, excellent taste! haseuls one of my favourites :')

I was browsing through my ridiculously large iTunes library and I just discovered like 4-5 LOOΠΔ playlists... so. There's that.
sicklycarpet 9 months ago

I hope you don't mind me being a n00b, but what is LOOΠΔ?

spacemako 9 months ago

@sicklycarpet, Loona is a South Korean pop girl group :)

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sicklycarpet 9 months ago

Thanks spacemako!

Was going to update today until my computer decided that it didn’t want to work today. (typing this on my phone)
sicklycarpet 9 months ago

Good lord... i deeply sympathise for you in your terrifying situation...


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