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ok update i'm going with super minimalist
Ok, so I'm a really indecisive person and I've been trying to decide if I should just leave the website be and keep what I have online, or just completely scrap it and go full on minimalist and only have like 3 pages (which would be "i like music" and link to the respective places, the blog, and the links page).
Woah... I've gotten 26,000 views. That's cool.
I'm probably going to check back here for other people's updates, and I also might start updating this site if I feel like it. But I'm going to project more energy into the P5 site.
Hey... quick minor update. So I got the Pizzicato Five Bootleg book, which is probably one of P5's rarest releases and it's going to be a major factor in helping me update the P5 fan site, and has re-inspired me with the P5 site, so I will update the P5 site. This site won't probably be updated in awhile, but I might come back on here and update you on my life if anyone cares. Contact me on my P5 for quicker contact.
ok so um i haven’t been on here in awhile and don’t expect me to be here. i’m probably leaving neocities. i have neither the time nor the joy to continue to update the site and i’m pursuing new hobbies. i might come back when i have the motivation to do so but that’s not going to be awhile. i would like to say other stuff but i can’t think of anything else, so i guess i’ll see you all later i guess.
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strata 9 months ago

See you!

tinypaws 9 months ago

Hey as long as you update when you can is all that matters. real life(hobbies included) should always come first :D take care an good luck out there yo!

nekojiru 9 months ago

Your reasons for leaving neocities are perfectly understandable and valid. That being said though, I wish you nothing but the best! :)

spacemako 9 months ago

Aww. You will be missed ):. Best of luck with yr new hobbies and... you can always drop by here to say hi!

teddybear-halo 9 months ago

take care, friend! hope life treats you well, thank you for sharing some of your time with us, we'll cherish the memory ♥

turd 9 months ago

:( sad to see you go but wish you all the best!

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