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they got here. those cd's i ordered like 2-3 weeks ago finally got here. they're more beautiful in person.
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ok why do i talk to everyone here like i'm some big influencer or something... someone explain
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ok even though p5 is my favorite band, i have to admit that their discography is incredibly hit & miss. there's some albums like bossa nova 2001 that are masterpieces, then there's absolute trash like ca et la du japon. i'm planning on reviewing every studio album by them plus the big hits & jet lags series of compilation albums, so there's going to be that section on my site soon. stay tuned.
i'm actually getting some genuine non-americanized shibuya kei cds coming my way. like pure japanese, not that indie american stuff. AAH I'M EXCITED. (sorry for my geekout you'll go back to your normal programming soon).
well i just sifted through i think the entire internet searching for pizzicato five tour dates
nbodyproblem 6 months ago

That's completely reasonable.

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