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Ok so sorry for not really doing anything aside from like... well I don't know. Went back to school so I can't do anything except be taught and do school things. So there's that.
help i've gotten sucked into late 00's & early 10's pop music. i don't care what anyone says, but THIS MUSIC IS BANGER (i'm so sorry. i can't fight against nostalgia).
tdhfskikra 1 year ago

i remebember when i listened only pop from this period, anime openings, vocaloids and music from idol anime. still trying to not going back to listening this

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dotcomboom 1 year ago

I believe that paragraph was very well done! 👏

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mariteaux 1 year ago

Tear jerking.

potassiummcr2 1 year ago

That took 5 hours to write... so hard. (This is a test page for something that won’t be done in a while.)

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Added a new blog post.
Just got back from my vacation. I have (finally) some ideas so I’ll update the site tomorrow.
Sorry I haven't done anything. My birthday was today (well technically yesterday since I'm typing this at midnight on August 7th) and I'm visiting family (as seen a post ago) so I'm focusing time on that. I'll... do something later, I guess.
strata 1 year ago

Joyeux anniversaire.

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tdhfskikra 1 year ago

happy birthday!

turd 1 year ago

happy birthday!!

websitering 1 year ago

For you're a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny!

spacemako 1 year ago

Happy belated birthday :)

Playing some Warhammer style game with family (I’m on vacation for my birthday visiting family).
potassiummcr2 1 year ago

Btw not exactly a fan of Warhammer

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