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ok so um i haven’t been on here in awhile and don’t expect me to be here. i’m probably leaving neocities. i have neither the time nor the joy to continue to update the site and i’m pursuing new hobbies. i might come back when i have the motivation to do so but that’s not going to be awhile. i would like to say other stuff but i can’t think of anything else, so i guess i’ll see you all later i guess.
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strata 9 months ago

See you!

tinypaws 9 months ago

Hey as long as you update when you can is all that matters. real life(hobbies included) should always come first :D take care an good luck out there yo!

nekojiru 9 months ago

Your reasons for leaving neocities are perfectly understandable and valid. That being said though, I wish you nothing but the best! :)

spacemako 9 months ago

Aww. You will be missed ):. Best of luck with yr new hobbies and... you can always drop by here to say hi!

teddybear-halo 9 months ago

take care, friend! hope life treats you well, thank you for sharing some of your time with us, we'll cherish the memory ♥

turd 9 months ago

:( sad to see you go but wish you all the best!

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