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you should maybe add a journal section for blogs, etc. nice site btw!
districts 1 year ago

Thank you! We don’t really see a need for a ‘blogs’ district since we sort by subject rather than format - a blog about video games would go in Arcadia, a blog about literature/writing would go in Stratford, a blog about computing of any sort would end up in Silicon Valley and so on. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

jackomix 1 year ago

then would a lifestyle district work for blogs about the writer's life? you could also put stuff like cooking or home styling or diy projects.

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districts 1 year ago

' Will you add any more districts/a district for XYZ? Currently we are not looking to open any more districts. We create districts on a 'need' basis, and find that for now the districts we already have cover the topics featured in the sites we have listed.'

districts 1 year ago

DIY and crafts type stuff could easily fit in Arles, take a look at godsavetheking. A blog about the writer themselves could get into Stratford. We do not need any more districts right now; Purgatory is tiny and almost all of our sites fit in the districts we already have.

jackomix 1 year ago

Oh, alrighty. Thanks for the info. :)

neocities, you are the best. in less than 24 hours, the site was fixed.
i can't. and i mean can't edit my site. got any tips?
neocities can't find my site!!!!
i love your site! nice music!
trashparadise 2 years ago

Thank you so much! :)

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