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CTRL+F5 on Peelopaalu - Currently trialling a new colourscheme and would super appreciate some feedback! No, this isn't an April Fools joke.
peelopaalu 8 months ago

Also worth adding: I haven't updated everything to this new colour yet (the link-to-me buttons, favicon, etc) as I'm not sure whether I'll keep this colour or revert back to the blue yet. Again, thoughts super appreciated!

surenaga 8 months ago

You made it even darker! Have you no heart?

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peelopaalu 8 months ago

@surenaga Those tower residents are going to revolt at some point :^) ~ I still need to try out some other colours. I have tried a few lighter ones (including stuff with non-pure-black backgrounds) but none of them seem to look right with the current website layout.

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hasrolypolys2beenfoundyet 8 months ago

I'm gonna miss these bluish evening colors

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peelopaalu 8 months ago

@hasrolypolys2beenfoundyet I'm not entirely against switching back to the old colour-scheme if people prefer it. Just messing around with it a little bit to see if something else sticks better. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know :-)

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