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hate way that people treat real brain disabilities as joke and insult . just make clear that not see people like shadow as person .
patchworkofshadows 1 month ago

if think small brain , smooth brain , or brain damage good insult , that is cruel to real people . if think funny devalue and not listen to people because drool , struggle with words , or can not " act proper " that is outright ableism .

imagine website accessible to literally everyone can not exist , but can at least try figure out ... some things . :P hehe .
patchworkofshadows 1 month ago

links that go to #side , for example , for people who navigate with keyboard or screen reader . this way when finish , have very quick jump back to table of contents :)

figure out how make buttons highlight when navigate with tab ! very , very simple actually ... just never know how look these things up .
mae tudalen realitioedd wedi gorffen :)
AAC awareness month ! be respectful if someone write in " strange " or broken way , if someone can not use body voice . no word salad or stroke jokes , no questions why , no correction unless ask help . :)
good progress , good progress :) break time .
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