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still proud in little welsh study book , and really need update now . absolutely no english in this book , use only welsh and example sentences to explain welsh . :)
patchworkofshadows 1 month ago

might even think about transcribe and expand on them here ... compile what learn and share for others , sure , but also give infinite space to ramble . :P

just try search for children's books in welsh with welsh keywords . land on broken websites that can not even load , articles with nothing useful , and jehovah's witnesses . yeah ... no .
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suntooth 1 month ago

If you want any specific recommendations of books that are for preteen-age-ish children, lmk!

patchworkofshadows 1 month ago

ah ! not sure how feasible with international shipping , but appreciate ! :)

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would love to try hand at adapt songs to welsh ... but even if did , can not sing ! have no one that can ask , either ... just , what , post here and say free to use or something ?
duolingo can make hard really understand language , because really just translation exercises . so ... just change computer to welsh . how long might this work out ? hehehe .
hmm . feel like not this way before , but find that now when voiceover active , anchor links redirect to top of page and not ... their anchors . they do momentarily ! and then start read off navigation bar ... that is not help .
patchworkofshadows 1 month ago

to be clear . far as able tell , all anchor links actually point correctly . problem *only* when voiceover active . briefly flash highlight box around anchor , then zip back to navigation bar and read that off instead . this happen on every page with anchor links , and genuinely *genuinely* remember this work just fine before .

patchworkofshadows 1 month ago

also : buttons not bring this issue, even ones that include anchor link . those scroll through full table of contents , which still annoy but ... little bit less . - fiddle with no-javascript tabs from kalechips , thoughts ?
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patchworkofshadows 1 month ago

not think possible replace filters , and also have some games that rely on javascript , so can not be entirely without - but think nice cut down where have choice . little more compatible ideally .

welsh language vocaloid when .
duolingo troubles . brain again and again mix up gwneud future and past tenses ... gwnaeth too similar to gwnaiff , need some fancy mnemonic or something .
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patchworkofshadows 1 month ago

gwnaeth / gwneith is personal torture . gwnaiff > gwneith .

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