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links should all work again :) now need at some point put language choice in index ...
of course ... another big site-wide push need happen to make bilingual how want . ick . would invalidate all current on-site links , so want work fast ...
patchworkofshadows 6 hours ago

all top level index should work again :) some navigation bars and other in site links still broken . fix on way !

well … not sure at all how far able get , but want at least personal alterhuman glossary in welsh .
patchworkofshadows 9 hours ago

should also say that A. not actually fluent and B. language problems not disappear in other language . if something *really* impossible read , want know !

wish could run welsh version of site too ... like same content and discussions , but in welsh . lack welsh AAC make ... hard , though . but also ... far as know , no welsh language alterhuman resource exist . think shame ... would love change .
suntooth 16 hours ago

As a Welsh-speaking alterhuman, I'd love for there to be a Welsh-language alterhuman resource, I just don't have the energy to make one myself :(


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