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Hey, I'm back. Sorry the website hasn't been updated in two months. I'm not gonna lie; I kinda forgot about the website and I don't want to give any more excuses, haha. But I do have big plans for the website. Expect them to come in around a week from now. <3
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Wow, I have 13 followers
Two things: Sorry I haven't updated the website in like three weeks! It's been the faults of a lack of WiFi, the death of a computer battery, and problems with Word. I promise that in 2-3 weeks I'll be back to doing Neocites. The second thing: Thank you for 10 followers! I know it doesn't sound like much, but the fact people take intrest in my website really enlightens me. <3
but i'm gonna update it in a few. <3
hi, sorry the site hasn't been updated in like a week, currently riding off the neighbor's wifi
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and i'll fix it tommorrow

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