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14 hours ago
owlcollective 13 hours ago

Chipping away at some needed edits, then back to working on an article.

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1 day ago
owlcollective 1 day ago

Continuing work on this.

owlcollective 1 day ago

Wound up doing personal page updates while we were at it.

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3 days ago
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owlcollective 3 days ago

Continuing work on this. Communication is mostly done, just needs some tweaks. Onto the fronting article next.

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4 days ago
owlcollective 4 days ago

Starting work on this project. Nowhere near done but that's a big chunk of one bit.

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1 week ago
owlcollective 1 week ago

Tweaked a few definitions and put IDs on everything for easier linking.

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