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Folks on here tend to appreciate people doing things for themselves/things they're passionate about- so no worries, you do what makes you happy and people liking you will come naturally. :D
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clubjessica 2 hours ago

Thank you so much! There's a very positive community on here, so I feel good about delving in further, exploring creativity and coding, and getting to know folks! Thanks for reaching out <3

thank u for following back! I just downloaded multiChat last night and it's already helped me so much!!!
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owlcollective 3 days ago

You're welcome! I liked your site design- nicely done on the door navigation. Is that just CSS animations? I didn't see any JS on inspection. Glad multiChat is helping! Let me know if there's any features you might want. I'm also working on a GUI version of PluralNotes, and I'll probably make one for multiChat as well once that's done.

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clubjessica 2 hours ago

Thank you for your kind words! I never got a notification about this for some reason! Yes, the doors are all CSS, and I modified the code of Lena Stanley (who I linked on the page). It was a lot of fun to figure that out while I've been learning CSS. So far I love the simplicity of MultiChat, so I don't have any features I'd like to see yet, but I'll keep it in mind!

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