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(Posting my reply here because there's no reply function lol) I picked Manjaro because my roommate was using it and was talking about how good the AUR is. If you haven't heard of it, it's a software repository that's only available for Arch-based distributions and has a Lot of extra programs that the main repositories don't. (if you aren't familiar with software repositories its like an App Store for pc) (part 1/?)
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mileshouse 1 month ago

Manjaro is basically the Ubuntu of Arch in that it's supposed to be more user-friendly. I picked KDE because I tried out XFCE and could not deal with the lack of image thumbnails in file-picker dialogs. KDE has a much nicer GUI for system settings as well (It has wacom tablet options built in, so I don't need to write a startup script to setup my tablet) (part 2/2))

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ourolisk 1 month ago

Ah, this makes sense. I hadn't really thought about package management in my search. I'm such a Windows user that I was entirely charmed by MATE having a 'Redmond' desktop GUI preset. I do like how you've stylized your desktop; I've been floating around the r/unixporn subreddit for inspiration. (I didn't even know you could stylize to KDE or, frankly, how to stylize a desktop GUI at all.)

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