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aaaand the disco elysium shrine is done <3 im super proud of it so u should totally look
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crows-nest 2 months ago

aahhh it looks amazing! im also super bummed out by the news that basically all the creative leads got pushed out :/

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orcas 2 months ago

tysm!!! and yeah oh my god its just been absolutely crushing to hear about : (

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ALMOST DONE WITH ALL OF MY CURRENT SHRINES.......... just have to do the disco elysium one and then im done till i can update the chao garden to include pics of my chao <3
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OKAY HIII so i made another site, its like horror themed, the username is blackwater...... (ill comment here with it), i will still use this site but im putting a lot of focus on the new one rn because spooky season :) thanks!
blackwater 2 months ago

i am the site it is me hallo

finished my family shrine for now, working on the others! beware the autoplay lol

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