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So you just copy entire articles on the web nearly word for word without giving any credit to the source? Your "Tor Safety" page is a direct copy and paste from this Lifehacker article:
oltranza 1 month ago

I'm still working on the site and the articles, all of them (excluding the telegram ones) were posted on the infosec threads on 8ch

oltranza 1 month ago

I will obviously add sources to all of the articles and update them, this is just a draft

oltranza 1 month ago

btw this was the thread

oltranza 1 month ago

I have to give credit to literally anything is posted on my site and even the theme I'm using (yea the ghost one from digdeeper), but it's my first time I'm using html so it's taking a while to do all of this stuff. Neocities is great though I didn't know we had some kind of forum in here, thanks for the source btw

geneticabhorrence 1 month ago

Alright thank you for clearing things up

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