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man i do Not like my site name and layout anymore. Shit
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i wish an extroardinary amount of mild inconveniences upon whoever put blank ads on neolink
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"values of 0 shouldn't have units specified" I Don't Care
wish i could disable font smoothing. Hmm .
ohiosky 4 months ago

i am going to turn every piece of text on my site into an image with crisp edges rendering just to get around this

ohiosky 4 months ago

ok apparently this font stretches weirdly if my window is resized a certain way?

thats probably a really really really awful way of getting a border around the main div in dark mode but. Whatever
ohiosky 4 months ago

i couldve made like a wrapper div and gave that a 4px border but Nah. dont feel like messing with position stuff

ohiosky 4 months ago

man its not even that noticeable! and the border kinda clashes with the actual background!

ohiosky 4 months ago

ok i fixeded it

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