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Hey, what happened to Neocities?! Why are there so many dramas. Really, it makes me so sad and nostalgic!! Don't turn Neocities into a place full of drama and people to cancel. We're just fans of the old internet, and we make original and creative sites! This platform should be really nice! Almost everyone here is gay, transgender or mentally ill. So pedophiles, transphobes or whatever get out of there.
nuange 4 weeks ago

I didn't get involved in any drama because I hate it but please let it stop. I don't want Neocities to become YouTube or Twitter. Please do your best to keep this environment healthy. Neocities is the only portal to a healthier and more restful internet. The fight is over now. Stop.

foxfable 4 weeks ago

This 100% !! Thanks for writing this. All the drama makes me very uncomfortable and I have to unfollow people, even nice people, because it makes me so stressed out to see all this negativity all the time. Keep it in twitter or something!

tarocchilla 4 weeks ago

For real! the site profiles should be kept for updates not for vaguing other people! if i wanted to see people argue about meaningless stuff i'd go on twitter instead

logicalwillow 4 weeks ago

I'm not caught up on this, what's going on?

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