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In love with the layout
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Nice anime list!
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Aw, you're learning french? Good luck :D (added your button by the way)
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AAAAAA your new layout is so nice!!!
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koinuko 1 year ago

TYSM!! >_< I love yours too, it's so cozy and clean!!

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sadgrl 1 year ago

This is so cool!! I tried learning russian when I was in 5th grade because I REALLY liked the group 't.A.T.u.'... I gave up pretty quick lol. This guide is SUPER inspiring!! I bet it also applies to languages like Korean because you have to learn the 'symbols' and 'sounds' first - I was always intimidated by attempting to learn these types of languages because it seems so hard but this makes me wanna try again! <3

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nuange 1 year ago

Oh my!! I'm SO happy it inspired you!! I really liked t.A.T.u too pfpfppf :> Sending you lots of love support and luck <33

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