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I think I'm bored with my site now. I can't have fun decorating like before because I'm stuck with this layout. I don't want iframes anymore. I don't like much on my site anymore. It's a mess. I'm going to work on a completely different new version of the site on Notepad and not on Neocities this time.
thepencilriot 2 months ago

This version of your site has been my favorite so far! I'm excited to see what you do next :D

clownbonk 2 months ago

for what it's worth, i really love it! im also excited to see what you make next :o)

brainunits 2 months ago

I’ve discovered my website’s layout style by serendipity as I was looking for specialized css files. It makes sense to me as my fandom was indeed a retro game on the NES.

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