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Hey everyone! Has anybody got any good resources, programs, or tips for creating classic style button GIFs, thanks!
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Ok, new updates: More GIFs and Social Links, reinstating the links and buttons page, reinstating the scam awareness page, more info about me, hopefully a blog, coming soon! Also, I’m looking into putting some serious effort into CSS, and actually redevelop the look a little bit.
Hey friends!
nostalgia-planet 1 month ago

I'm going to be putting more effort into Nostalgia Planet again, whilst my various Fedi accounts and Gemini pages will still be used and linked to, Nostalgia Planet will be more of 'a bit of everything', and for doing things that can't be done on Gemini, hope you stay tuned and are excited!

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I love your site too! The autoplay is just perfect. I hope this isn't spammy, but I made a Discord server about appreciating the old web, old trends, etc. It's so hard to actually have conversations on Neocities! You are welcome to join if you'd like to hang with some likeminded folks!
nostalgia-planet 1 month ago

Yeah sure! I’ll join! Thanks for inviting me!

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