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ohh the urge to learn how to use a SGG...
nonkiru 1 month ago

ive been playing with 11ty and while i Get It i also dont. does this make sense

nonkiru 1 month ago

GUESS WHO'S DOING IT ๐Ÿ’€ but honestly 11ty is really really fun so far. the layout im playing with is just. um. current layout but slightly more modern

nonkiru 1 month ago

also focusing more on accessibility! i havent gotten any comments about it yet, but i /know/ it's not perfect on my website atm and i want to change that!

fri11s 1 month ago

yesss I know what you mean about Getting It but also ??? because same! If you need any help with the accessibility stuff, let me know :) The biggest things to concentrate on are colour contrast and heading hierarchy <3

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