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): the problem still persists.. i uploaded an image here
noctuaire 10 months ago

creating an entirely new page also doesnt do anything ... i just cant edit any part of my site

futureperfect 10 months ago

Do you use the site editor on neocities or edit on your computer and upload the files?

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noctuaire 10 months ago

i use the site editor on neocities :/

futureperfect 10 months ago

Have you tried just copying the html into a text editor and saving your files onto your computer and then uploading? That might fix the problem, because I’ve not had issues while uploading for updates.

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noctuaire 10 months ago

yeah i tried that! didnt work unfortunately

sira-sira 10 months ago

i'm sorry this is happening to you, i haven't had problems with mine qwq

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