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I've officially begun the process of moving my site over to Leprd :3
I tried to write in your guestbook but it's broken :(
meesh 4 weeks ago

aaa weird, must've been a temporary glitch or something? either way i think it's fixed now because i posted something myself! thanks for letting me know

Kiiiiiiiind of wanna move to another hosting thing so I can have subdomains for all my various alter-egos and projects, but I wonder how much I'd be losing by breaking away from Neocities? Have you ever considered moving to different hosting? What do you think?
violetradd 4 weeks ago

i host my site on and it's sooooo much better to host somewhere other than neocities, after switching over i can do a whole ton of stuff that just wouldn't be feasible on neocities. i like the community here though so i simply just have my neocities site act as a spash page that links to my actual site hosted elsewhere

meesh 4 weeks ago

I love the Neocities community a lot which is why I made a page here. However, I've personally had my own hosting under Interserver for 2 years so that's my personal recommendation! There's plenty of other good ones though. I think violet has a cute idea in having a neocities site that acts as a splash page

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haxrelm 4 weeks ago

Neocities is mostly focused on personal websites and minor projects. It's best to switch if you want to do more with your site

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melonking 4 weeks ago

The best thing about neocities as a host is reliability, its so basic that it just cant break. Almost every other platform Iv used has died after months or years. That and the feedback loop of being inspired by other sites and getting exposure for yours is fun. Other hosts can certainly do more complex things, but there can be a beauty in limitations too.

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