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OK! First Map is p much live! You can hover over parts to see which is available for you to take over
natolmo 2 months ago

It's actually an old map I did for something else but I think it' better suited for this type thing. Anyway as people claim spots I will mark the hover-title-thing to CLOSED instead of OPEN

natolmo 2 months ago

I'm already working on more 'maps'-- some won't be actual maps but collections of mages or words, a picture of a room, etc, so if this one isn't your bag maybe another one will be!

natolmo 2 months ago

nilson has the crash landed vehicle!

natolmo 1 month ago

R has the spires ~~

I talked a while back about doing a collaborative website ring things, I'm just gonna copy paste what I said again:
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natolmo 3 months ago

ok so....... I've been wanting to collab on a string of websites with other ppl to make a sort of... environment? like, for example, one website will be a feaux myspace page and u can click on something that takes you to another website where there's a map, and then clicking on part of the map will take you to someone's house... etc

natolmo 3 months ago

I think the way I wanna do this is to just start a webpage myself and then just set up a form for people to submit websites they want me to include and I'll just kind of freeform choose what icons or actions lead to what they submitted?

natolmo 3 months ago

And if someone has a specific idea or character they see on anything I've made, as in, maybe i have a plant guy on a webpage and he doesnt lead to anything yet and ur like 'LEMME DO THE PLANT GUY' Im totally down for that type thing too

natolmo 3 months ago

Anyway I want to actually start on this in the summer or maybe if I have time this semester I'll do some little things... Just plz be patient w me! I havent forgotten those who were interested the first time I suggested this!!

natolmo 3 months ago

plasticdino said this last time and its totally along the lines of what I'm thinking: "This idea kind of reminds me of a japanese site I found the other day called"

natolmo 3 months ago

Oh but also if ur into it but dont have any ideas or need a prompt i can just be like "make a website for uhhh this little pond over here' snd u can literally do whatever... Like if u just make a website w a pic of a oond on it and nothing else I will be so happy.

natolmo 2 months ago

First map exists now

OK WOW its been a while
plasticdino 3 months ago

welcome back!


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