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metamorphosis 1 month ago

I totally agree with everything you said. Worse times are waiting for us. And indeed we live in a total dystopia already. Although past times were not great either.

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brennholz 1 month ago

I know that it'll happen, but I seriously can't come up with a cohesive image of the 2010s that anyone could feel nostalgic for. I really wonder what 2010s nostalgia will look like

cheru 1 month ago

Not particularly religious, but God forbid children of the future look back on the late 10s and 20s as "better times." If so, it just means that things that have gotten much worse than they already are.

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murid 1 month ago

@metamorphosis Boomers and Gen X grew up thinking that the future will be better. This dread for the future seems to be a defining character of the younger generations.

murid 1 month ago

@brennholz My guesses for '10s nostalgia: Rose tinted view of social media, streaming, mobile gaming, memes, whatever cartoons and anime are popular with kids, Marvel movies, relative peace and stability, smartphones

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