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If the music on my homepage won't play for you, just reload the page, then it seems to play. I don't know why it won't play when you first open it...
arkmsworld 2 years ago

It may be because the midi file hasn't fully loaded from the other site before the audio tag has "fired". Might try writing a short javascript routine using the canplaythrough event (The canplaythrough event occurs when the browser estimates it can play through the specified audio/video without having to stop for buffering.) to trigger a javascript function which then plays the audio file. Some info that may help ->

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vkccodebuilder 2 years ago

It may be due to unsupported format. I would suggest you to preload audio before playing while the page is loading. Here's for example how can you do so with just 2-3 lines of code here . It is a working example, change it according to your needs. It loads midi with page

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vkccodebuilder 2 years ago . This piece of code loads audio with the webpage but if the audio has much size, it would effect page loading time. Change the src attribute value to address of your audio file

mistysworld 2 years ago

I think I've managed to fix it now thanks to all of your suggestions! Thank you very much!

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I have now discovered the world of Blinkies and Glitter Graphics. I just know I'm going to end up plastering them all over my site... :(
vkccodebuilder 2 years ago

Your site is awesome. That's a creativity and like personal canvas... Loved it

cherrychan 2 years ago

not :(! :)!

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arkmsworld 2 years ago

Then you'll probably need a glitter text generator. :)

yupthatsme 2 years ago has a ton of blinkies and old Myspace stuff :D

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