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Oh hey welcome to heck, no big deal.
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Yesterday my site got about 163 unique visits. I'm having a hard time actually believing that... Did 163 (Actually 162, since I viewed my site on a school computer) individual people actually take the time out of their days to visit my site? That's amazing! 162 is actually quite a lot of people. Apparently I got over 600 hits in total yesterday. Probably about 99% of them were just me.
vkccodebuilder 2 years ago

Well sometimes my analytics show me huge spike all of a sudden leaving me in awe... :D

I hope I keep on updating this website for years to come. All of my other web projects lasted a couple of months... At one time I thought I was on the path to become a popular blogger, but then I got too lazy to write stuff. The site eventually died once school started again. I only came back to it once to make a post about the blog's one year anniversary...
arkmsworld 2 years ago

I plan to. I started wvith about 5-6 pages back in the summer of 2014 after I had spent a gew months learning html/css and probably have 130+ at this point. Besides a fun creative outlet, it has also been a way for me to explore web programming - different layouts("regular", flexbox, etc), css3 animations, playing with javascript, all that jazz. There's really a lot you can learn about web coding by just playing ,

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arkmsworld 2 years ago

** All typos are the result of shifting plate tectonics here in SoCal, and therefore, not my fault. (Get it...fault?) :P

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