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I LOVE Pok�mon! favorite franchise (no really though special characters don't work very well)
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bobzilla 1 year ago

actually this post was meant to point out that the accented e doesn't work on your website.

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headache-booth 1 year ago

adding this in between the head tags should fix it:

headache-booth 1 year ago

oh it disappeared

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mistysworld 1 year ago

Oh, sorry... I thought you were actually talking about the actual franchise. I'll try to fix those special characters.

i'd reccomend to remove the hotlinking in your button. its really bad mojo on neocities
mistysworld 1 year ago

That's actually a good idea... Thanks for pointing it out! (I actually had to Google what "hotlinking" meant, because I'm not very smart with this stuff...)

melonking 1 year ago

I actually prefer if people hotlink to my stuff, that way any updates I do to badges etc are applied across every site, so it has its uses.


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