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I think that I found the scariest, and most artistic album on the internet: "Everywhere at the end of time", it's called!! It's not scary because it has creepy sounds, it's scary, because it shows what dementia/Alzheimer can do!! Here's the link if you are curious:
misswannabe 1 year ago

Kind reminded me of an artist with Alzheimer's, who made self portraits. As time progressed, you could see his condition getting worse by his art (idk it that helps, but here:

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lsuzkxbziosbd 1 year ago

Yeah. I tried it. It was unbearable. I felt like i was losing my mind.

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I promised that I would link songs that I used to listen, so today's song is Down With The Sickness by Disturbed (
I decided to start making some playlists in here as well (probably not as often), so today, I made this: Chip skittles - A playlist to rage eat to: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)
misswannabe 1 year ago

Also, warning for number 4, it's from Cyriak, which is a guy who makes... Weird videos!! If you're not comfortable with overly surrealistic stuff, don't click it!!

I've seen this circulating the internet, and it makes me wanna ask: is venting online okay?? Should I keep that page, or remake it?? I don't wanna hurt anybody by doing that, so if I have to, I will remake it!!
Nobody: A tv channel: hi, my name is "test" my purpose is showing colours!!

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