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Okay, I will say it: I'm curious what made you follow me!! Was it curiosity, was for a follow back, what was it?? (Not meant to be rude, I updated my button page (FINALLY!!) and now I'm curious!!)
gundham 3 weeks ago

I follow everyone who follows me back.

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sceneofthecrash 3 weeks ago

your overall vibe <3

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emptygod 3 weeks ago

99% of the time I follow anyone who follows me back, and you seem really cool

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eam-archives 3 weeks ago

i think i just liked ur site :)

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bloodcoveredwebcam 3 weeks ago

i thought ur personality and vibe of ur site was super cool :)

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idiothahaha 2 weeks ago

1: it was super cool and 2: your a really nice person

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Okay so... I will say songs that I used to listen, for some time, and then I will link something all cute and pink, do we have a deal?? I know we don't, I'm forcing you!! >:3 Starting with today, "Breathe" by The Prodigy (!!
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misswannabe 3 weeks ago

Oh really?? I'm glad, I found a good one!! 😊😊

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Today's lesson: beauty standards suck!!
misswannabe 3 weeks ago

I know that it will be pointless to say it, but... I'M NOT DEAD!!

POV: you found myself in the comment section!! I say good morning!!
Today's song is "Not around 2" by VYTORLA. Idk, it's just ✨ aesthetic✨!! I also realised that if I put the link, I'm 10 times more likely to see it soo...
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misswannabe 1 day ago

Okay, so... Because I couldn't find it, here, for some reason it's called "guts" by Karl Martian (prod. beachie):

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