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Remember the dude that got in my online class with my name?? Well, he's at it again... Not cool my guy!!
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misswannabe 1 year ago

Okay!! I'm gonna say it!! I can't hold it!!

misswannabe 1 year ago

"Not cool Hajime!!"

misswannabe 1 year ago

Now, I'm complete!!

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Well, not many will understand, but: despair or hope??
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gundham 1 year ago

A question worth pondering. I will let you know once I decide.

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misswannabe 1 year ago

Remade the icon, added Neocities News... I just wanna remake the icon too!!

misswannabe 1 year ago

2 days later... I see the mistake.... I meant button...

Me: oh I forgot, I didn't post a song, quick, think something!! Recommendations: How about psycho by Mia Rodriguez?? Me:

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